Video Division

A record company’s video division handles video production, including the budgeting and creation of the artist’s video, usually in cooperation with an outside director. It may also handle the promotion of the videos to the various local and national video outlets, such as MTV and VH1.

Generally the video division reports to the Art Department, which in turn reports to the head of the marketing department.

The video division may also be called upon to create promo videos of bands.

A major label will also have a publicity department. Inside publicity there are people whose job it is to locate all video recorded of their bands. Specifically they are looking for news and media coverage to be archived and used for publicity.

Video Directors:

Directing music videos is a path that sometimes leads to becoming a movie director. A famous example of this is Spike Jonze who began directing commercials and music videos. He has gone on to direct movies such as Adaptation and Jackass: The Movie.