Publicity Department

The publicity department is responsible for getting the word out about a new or established artist. Publicists work with the media, seeking out press opportunities upon an album’s release or when the band goes out on tour. They pitch interviews, album reviews, and feature stories, and are often responsible for getting their artists guest spots on national and local television or radio shows.

Many successful bands have their own independent publicists.

The publicity department may also be referred to as PR, or press relations. Publicists rely heavily on their contacts in media and may focus on just one area, such as newspapers, websites, TV or radio.

It is the publicist’s job to liase between labels and/or musicians and the media to try and get album reviews, profiles of the band and reviews of live shows.

Sometimes a record label will hire an outside PR firm to create a publicity campaign that runs for a certain length of time. This is generally the time when musicians do interviews to promote a new album. The publicity department will be responsible for gathering press clippings for the label.

The publicity may have a video division that is responsible for gathering video footage of their bands. See more on the Video Division.