Building An Army Of Fans Every Time You Perform

Each time you play out is an opportunity to win new fans. That seems obvious enough, but few performers gear their shows with this idea in mind. Draven Grey explores some of the things you can do to create and expand your fan base for yourself and / or your band.

One Minute of Fame

When you’re a working band, you never know whether your next call is going to be a gig or a message from your drummer telling you he’s decided to leave the band for a project involving a performance artist who imitates furniture. Fortunately for Mab O’Connor, it was ABC television calling.

Don’t Pick On Me

Several of us amateur musicians were gathering to play gospel music for a “dinner-on-the-grounds” next to a Southern Baptist church in a rural south Texas town. As anyone who has been around this church knows, we love to eat and don’t need much of an excuse to have “dinner-on-the-grounds.”

Lola, Is That You

It’s the early 80’s – Parachute pants, Jordache jeans, narrow leopard print ties, men’s hair bigger than women’s and the last gasp of disco. No, that wasn’t the scary part.

A Pants Party in Myrtle Beach

I was hired to play a week’s worth of gigs in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina a couple of years ago. The management company set me up in some posh digs near the beach, and promptly left me on my own. – no car, no way to or FROM the gigs.

Tips to Live and Learn By: On and Off the Gig

Having all the right equipment brings a sense of professionalism to your craft. It might also just save the day for you and your band mates. Bassist Joe Benedetto gives us a run down of practical items to bring to your gig.