Fly By Jazz

Everyone was HAVING a great time and all was going just fine – until the “limo” arrived for the bride and groom. The limo was a Bell Jet Ranger helicopter. While making its approach to land, the rotor wash FROM the blades created near hurricane force winds. People started running and screaming; tables were blown over; TABLE cloths were airborne; our drummer was literally chasing his drums and cymbals; my small combo amp was rolling like a tumble-weed; music stands went flying; and the tent itself ended up partially collapsed.

Amazingly, no one was injured. The parents of the both the bride and groom offered to REPLACE any damaged equipment (though there was no damage other than scuff marks and imbedded grass). They insisted on paying double the contract amount – which was quite good to begin with! The gig turned out to be “strange” and profitable – one I’ll never forget!