Improve Your Guitar Teaching

Sometimes the desire to fix every problem a student may have all at once may cause even more problems. Tom Hess describes how to break down a bad habit so that both teacher and student can tackle it in easy, manageable steps.

Could You Teach Guitar?

Have you ever thought about teaching but then thought that you might not be qualified? Let’s dispel a lot of the myths about what it takes to teach guitar.

Teaching Chords To Beginning Guitar Students

In his latest article, Tom explores some of the problems that beginners tend to have making and changing guitar chords. Whether you’re a guitar teacher or just someone starting out on the guitar, you’ll find some very valuable tips here on how to go about practicing chord changes.

How To Shred Like Paul Gilbert

One way of developing speed, whether you’re a shredder or not, is to combine your picking and legato (slurring) techniques. Mike Philippov lays out some step-by-step exercises to help you gain both speed and accuracy in your playing.

How To Improve Your Guitar Technique – Part 2

In the second article in this series, Tom examines the sloppines of extraneous string noise and demonstrates some excellent muting techniques that can benefit advanced players as well as beginners, giving them more control over their playing.