How To Shred Like Paul Gilbert

One way of developing speed, whether you’re a shredder or not, is to combine your picking and legato (slurring) techniques. Mike Philippov lays out some step-by-step exercises to help you gain both speed and accuracy in your playing.

How To Improve Your Guitar Technique – Part 2

In the second article in this series, Tom examines the sloppines of extraneous string noise and demonstrates some excellent muting techniques that can benefit advanced players as well as beginners, giving them more control over their playing.

How To Improve Your Guitar Technique – Part 1

Sloppy technique leads to sloppy playing and you can especially notice sloppy playing on the electric guitar! Tom Hess looks at the three basic problem areas and addresses two of them in depth in this first of two articles.

How to Improve Your Sweep Picking Technique

Sweep picking isn’t easy. But if you look at the pitfalls you’re likely to run into, that can go a long way toward making this technique work for you. Mike Philippov examines the aspects of sweep picking that most players stumble on and provides some very helpful practice techniques.