Building An Army Of Fans Every Time You Perform

Each time you play out is an opportunity to win new fans. That seems obvious enough, but few performers gear their shows with this idea in mind. Draven Grey explores some of the things you can do to create and expand your fan base for yourself and / or your band.

Guitar Teaching: Lesson One

If you have read our lesson “Could You Teach Guitar?” and finished with a resounding “Yes!” then the next question is “How?” This article hopes to answer that question with a detailed look at how to teach the all-important first lesson.

Need Help Starting A Successful Career In Music?

Tom details four very important steps that anyone seriously thinking about starting a career in the music business as a performing artist truly needs to think about and develop. If you take Tom’s advice to heart, you’ll giving yourself a big step forward.

Teaching Mistakes You Should Avoid

Teaching beginners is tricky at best and can be, for some guitar teachers, downright frustrating. Guitar teaching guru Tom Hess outlines five basic mistakes that many guitar teachers make when teaching beginner students and details way to avoid them in the first place.

How To Transition From Your Day Job Into A Successful Music Career

Most people in the music business didn’t start in the music business but came into their careers while working their “day job.” After all, it’s important to have some income, right? But the choice of the “day job” can sometimes mean not being able to get into the career you want. Tom Hess looks at typical “safety net” strategies and the problems that can arise from them. Plus, he gives great tips on how to avoid most of the problems of transition by focusing on the end goal from the start.