Telephone Skills

Dealing with people on the phone is an important part of being a working musician. If you want things to pan out with the people you meet it’s a good idea to make sure you have all your bases coverd beforehand. Asking the right questions will make sure your next audition isn’t a waste of anybody’s time.

How To Advertise Yourself and Your Band

The life blood of any band is advertising. The old saying is true: “any press is good press.” For your band to get gigs, you need people to hear about you, say your name, and talk about you.

The Little Black Book

Keeping track of names and phone numbers of band members and other musicians you meet is a habit that will pay off. Almost as important as remembering the names of the people you meet, is remembering how to get in touch with them. Starting a little black book is a valuable tool that will pay off when you need it most.

Hippie Rock and Roll

You are never too old or too young to be in a band. Mab O’Connor, lead singer of Yasgur’s Farm Band, writes about growing up and playing music in the heart of San Francisco. Her working band plays a selection of great songs from the Woodstock Era.

Do’s and Dont’s on Gigging Like a Pro!

Musicians can get a bad reputation if they don’t act like professionals. This article lists some of the things you can do to give a favorable impression when gigging, and ultimately, get you more work.