Building An Army Of Fans Every Time You Perform

Each time you play out is an opportunity to win new fans. That seems obvious enough, but few performers gear their shows with this idea in mind. Draven Grey explores some of the things you can do to create and expand your fan base for yourself and / or your band.

One Minute of Fame

When you’re a working band, you never know whether your next call is going to be a gig or a message from your drummer telling you he’s decided to leave the band for a project involving a performance artist who imitates furniture. Fortunately for Mab O’Connor, it was ABC television calling.

Song Dynamics

Paying attention to the dynamics of a song can make you a better musician.This article discusses song dynamics and offers some examples of what to listen for.

How To Audition New Band Members

Auditioning new members is a task you must take seriously. If you want to find serious musicians you have to be prepared. Here are some great tips on how to go about finding new band members.

My Secret Life as a Bass Player

You are never too old to rock and roll. Tracy’s empty nest project is playing bass for Drew’s Cruisers, house band for Jammer’s Bluenote Ballroom in Bemidji, Minnesota. This classically trained flute player is now playing songs by the Grateful Dead, Van Morrison, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash.

The Importance of a Contract

A contract is necessary for the protection of you and the club that’s decided to book you. It’s important that once dates are settled and price has been negotiated, that you put everything down in writing.