Cheap Recording Studios – Worth Every Penny!

So, you’re ready to take the plunge and professionally record your CD. Where do you go? Kelly Marsh points out that shopping for the cheapest studio may not give you the greatest results and may in fact end up costing you more money than you’d planned!

The “Live” Technique

Until fairly recently, many bands recorded their first albums and demos live in the studio. Using this technique today is a great way for a band on a budget to make a recording in a professional studio. This article takes us through a very busy weekend of recording.

Home Recording: Equipment and Preparation

This article igoes over all the necessary equipment and preparation needed to record at home. Packed with a lot of advice for the do-it-yourself person in all of us, following these bits of advice will make your home recording experience as painless as possible.

Recording With Your Own Money (Without a Producer)

So you’ve decided it’s time to record an album, yet you have no label backing you. Presenting a finished album to a label is a great idea, because you’ve already finished the hardest part. Here’s an article withplenty of useful advice on home recording without a producer and very little money.