Strangely enough, in our weird little following here in Chicago, the Maggots song keeps getting requested.

Fly By Jazz

The following is what I would label “my most unusual gig:” Some years ago, our jazz trio played a wedding reception at Bay Point Resort down in Panama City, Florida. It was quite elaborate, with plenty of food and “fanfare.” We were playing outside under a huge tent next to the marina, where all of the million-dollar “vessels” were moored.

Gotta Light?

Last week, a lady caught on fire at a club. She leaned over the TABLE candle so her hubby could light her cig, and her long hairsprayed hair went WHOOSH! She was on fire. She wasn’t hurt, thank goodness.

My Secret Life as a Bass Player

You are never too old to rock and roll. Tracy’s empty nest project is playing bass for Drew’s Cruisers, house band for Jammer’s Bluenote Ballroom in Bemidji, Minnesota. This classically trained flute player is now playing songs by the Grateful Dead, Van Morrison, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash.

Do’s and Dont’s on Gigging Like a Pro!

Musicians can get a bad reputation if they don’t act like professionals. This article lists some of the things you can do to give a favorable impression when gigging, and ultimately, get you more work.