5 Essentials of Music Career Success

Music is too big a world for a one-size-fits-all model of music career success. Musicians’ career paths are as unique as their individual finger prints. Peter Spellman shares his guidelines for anyone trying to make a career out of their love of music.

Top 10 Hits of CD Distribution

Seeking a distribution deal for your indie CD? Kevin McCluskey from the Berklee College of Music provides an analysis of the costs versus the potential career benefits.

The Future Of Music Careers

This is the first in a series of articles for Music Careers, where Peter Spellman reflects on where things may be going in the music industry. Peter Spellman is director of the career development center at Berklee College of Music, Boston and the author of The Self-Promoting Musician, The Musician’s Internet, and several other career-building books.

The Shapes of Things to Come

Chris Juergensen describes the current state of affairs in the music industry and shows us why the internet is one of the greatest tools for the aspiring musician and why now is a great time to be producing, marketing and selling your own music.

The Business End of the Music Industry

Here’s an inspiring tale from an inspiring person. In her first article for us, Sonata Jones tells us how she went about starting up her own record label and then producing her own CD.

Playing For Life

Professional musicians will one day need to satisfy both financial and artistic needs. Chris Juergensen, the Director of Education at the Tokyo School of Music, shares all sorts of advice gleaned from his years as a studio musician and guitar teacher.