Four Tactics to Pack Fans Into Your E-mail List

Have you been dreaming of a huge email list? The kind of list that with one click of the “send” button hordes of fans mobilize to come to see your shows, or play your new track at Sean Farrington of shares four techiniques on how to build a marketing powerhouse mailing list.

The Shapes of Things to Come

Chris Juergensen describes the current state of affairs in the music industry and shows us why the internet is one of the greatest tools for the aspiring musician and why now is a great time to be producing, marketing and selling your own music.

How To Advertise Yourself and Your Band

The life blood of any band is advertising. The old saying is true: “any press is good press.” For your band to get gigs, you need people to hear about you, say your name, and talk about you.

What Should I Have in my Band’s Promo Package?

First impressions always count for a lot. A band’s promo package is what sells them to a club. Most club managers are busy and will only spend a few minutes looking at your promo. Here are some valuable tips that will help you get the gig by making a lasting first impression.