Frame by Frame (Writing a Film Score)

Ian Hand of Bristol, UK, tells us of his experiences in putting together his first film score. This article takes us through the process of scoring a movie from finding work to satisfying the film’s producers and director. As a special bonus you can download a free MP3.

Top 10 Hits of CD Distribution

Seeking a distribution deal for your indie CD? Kevin McCluskey from the Berklee College of Music provides an analysis of the costs versus the potential career benefits.

Four Tactics to Pack Fans Into Your E-mail List

Have you been dreaming of a huge email list? The kind of list that with one click of the “send” button hordes of fans mobilize to come to see your shows, or play your new track at Sean Farrington of shares four techiniques on how to build a marketing powerhouse mailing list.

Cheap Recording Studios – Worth Every Penny!

So, you’re ready to take the plunge and professionally record your CD. Where do you go? Kelly Marsh points out that shopping for the cheapest studio may not give you the greatest results and may in fact end up costing you more money than you’d planned!

Indie Music in Indie Films

With the growth of the independent film world comes the increasing need for independent music to fill the soundtrack. If you have your band’s music on a CD or CDR, you are on your own label or no label and you do not have a publishing deal, then you’re an ideal candidate for the indie film world.