Making a Living as a Guitar Music Transcriber/Arranger

Whenever you pick up guitar magazine or look through a book at a music store, do you ever think about the fact that someone actually wrote out all that TAB? Dale Turner, who’s written for Hal Leonard, Warner Brothers and many others, gives us a little insight into how to go about pursuing this kind of work as a career.

The Soldier of Fortune

We all hear over and over how important speed is. Well, you might be surprised at the kind of speed that’s important to the professional studio guitarist. Chris gives plenty of great advice for those of you aspiring to the life of a professional studio musician.

The Business End of the Music Industry

Here’s an inspiring tale from an inspiring person. In her first article for us, Sonata Jones tells us how she went about starting up her own record label and then producing her own CD.

Playing For Life

Professional musicians will one day need to satisfy both financial and artistic needs. Chris Juergensen, the Director of Education at the Tokyo School of Music, shares all sorts of advice gleaned from his years as a studio musician and guitar teacher.

Sending Out Demos

For anyone who has recorded a demo, the big question is where do you send it when it’s done? Most major labels throw demos out without even listening to them. This article gives you some ideas of where to send your demo and avoid having it end up in the trash.