Home Recording: Equipment and Preparation

This article igoes over all the necessary equipment and preparation needed to record at home. Packed with a lot of advice for the do-it-yourself person in all of us, following these bits of advice will make your home recording experience as painless as possible.

Sending Out Demos

For anyone who has recorded a demo, the big question is where do you send it when it’s done? Most major labels throw demos out without even listening to them. This article gives you some ideas of where to send your demo and avoid having it end up in the trash.

Submitting Demos

There is no sure fire way to get your demo heard by record company executives. The industry has developed a series of filters or hurdles which aspiring musicians must surmount to prove they are worthy. Here are some valuable bits of advice from out “friend in the business.”

Recording With Your Own Money (Without a Producer)

So you’ve decided it’s time to record an album, yet you have no label backing you. Presenting a finished album to a label is a great idea, because you’ve already finished the hardest part. Here’s an article withplenty of useful advice on home recording without a producer and very little money.

Where Does All The Money Go?

Ever see some pop or rock star in an interview complaining that he/she has no money? You’re thinking “yeah, right!”. They sold so many albums that they have to be rich. Let’s see how it works.